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JWU is a place where real estate agents not only come to learn, they come to collaborate.


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Welcome to Jason Will University

JWU is a place where real estate agents not only come to learn, they come to collaborate. When we get out of reactive competition mode and into the mode of proactive collaboration, our whole world opens up. We begin to experience explosive growth in our business, as well as our personal development, not in isolation but rather in community with one another. Sharran Srivatsaa is fond of saying: "Transformations don't occur in isolation!" If you're not a learning based agent, let those words from Sharran become the voice in your head.

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Why Jason Will University?

Strength in Numbers. Together we achieve more. You've heard it countless times, "There's strength in numbers." Each new member of our community provides a spark of energy. That energy can be in the form of curiosity and optimism or assumptions and self-doubt. New energy provides new opportunities for leaders to transfer skills into future leaders.

A Growth Mindset. This may require a big shift in thinking, a move from away from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. A fixed mindset is personal, protective, and stagnant. A growth mindset is positive, purposeful, and seeking. JWU is here to connect to a community that thrives from members devoted to the success of the whole, not just the part. This platform is where we come to pay it forward, to give back to an industry that has given us freedom, purpose, and fulfilment.

Accountability. The final piece of the puzzle is accountability. Real Estate Coach, Jon Cheplak says, "Accountability is the highest form of love one human being can show another." It is accountability and our receptiveness to it, that will determine success or failure. Holding each other to a higher standard, leading each other toward our true potential, that is love. Accountability is love for the massive good it can do in the lives of those who look to us for provision, guidance, and leadership by example.

Knowledge is implied power in the absence of implementation.

People aren't going to do what you tell them to do,
They are going to do what you help them to self discover.



Learn, Grow, Collaborate, Connect, & Implement with one of the Best Real Estate Coaches in the Industry!

JWU Contributor Courses

Our courses are designed with "paint by numbers" instruction in mind, so that we can close the gap between what we're learning and what we're implementing.

Premium course

Tiffani Robin Database Management

Tiffani Robin provides pro tips for developing and maximizing your database!

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Colin Krieger Be Different

Colin is a top agent at RE/MAX Partners in Columbus, MS and an expert at standing out in his local market.

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Recruit and Retain Top Talent

In this course, Joey Mure walks us through how to attract, recruit and retain top talent.

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Supercharge Your Social Media

Welcome to Supercharge Your Social Media with Bradley Flowers!

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