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Andrew Carver JPAR Coast and County

Why Andrew Carver chose JPAR Coast and County Fairhope?

By Jason Will | July 29, 2020

Why JPAR, Why Now? Andrew Carver is a 10+ year veteran real estate agent and top producer in Baldwin County, Alabama. He generates the bulk of his business from referral sources, like his monthly news letter. He’s not looking to build an online lead generation and conversion business. He’s an exceptional asset to our office…

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Burt Young

New Qualifying Broker for JPAR Coast & County West Mobile

By Jason Will University | May 15, 2020

We are excited to announce that Burt Youngblood will soon be transitioning into the Qualifying Broker position for our JPAR Coast & County West Mobile location! Burt brings 20 years of Mobile County real estate experience to this role. He is patient, kind, and a devout Christian. In fact, ministry is actually Burt’s true calling.…

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JPAR benefits

JPAR (JP and Associates REALTORS) gears up for Big Expansion into the Birmingham Market!

By Jason Will | May 13, 2020

JPAR Coast and County has joined the Birmingham MLS and is anticipating massive momentum from both new and veteran agents.   There has never been a better time than now to make a move and start fresh with the fastest growing 100% commission real estate franchise in the country as well as one of the top 10…

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Jason Will Podcast

Living Above the Line

By Jason Will | April 17, 2020

Above the line living is all about abundance, from your goals to your giving. It means that you never plateau in life or your business, because you’re always reaching for something better. There is always an opportunity for better, for a next level. This podcast will challenge you to reflect on what side of the…

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JPAR Alabama

The CEO Agent Mindset

By Jason Will | April 13, 2020

An agent centric company puts their agent’s business first, from a productivity, profitability, and back-office service approach. It also allows the agent to step out of the shadows of the “Big-Box Brokerage” brand and become the hyper-local celebrity agent in their marketplace. After all, it’s the real estate agents level of service that defines the…

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Matt Johnson Podcast

The Top 6 Facebook Lives for Real Estate Agents

By Jason Will | November 27, 2019

If we listened to the experts, we’d spend our waking hours bouncing between 17 different social media platforms. We’d think that we had to be absolutely everywhere to be successful. But we should focus on finding one platform and doing that one platform well. In this episode of the IMPACT Agent Podcast, Matt Johnson of Real Estate…

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Find the Beauty in Your Flaws

By Jason Will University | July 26, 2019

Leah VanHoose is a free spirit, photographer, former counselor, licensed real estate agent at Emerald Coast Beach Homes and an absolutely unforgettable person. For over a decade she has lived with alopecia, an auto-immune medical condition where body hair falls out in round patches. Not one to hide her differences, Leah uses her “baldness” to…

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Beachball Properties: Vacation Rentals Done Right

By Jason Will University | July 22, 2019

With- Hunter Harrelson In Episode 63 of the Impact Agent Broadcast, I sat down with Beach Ball Properties owner and vacation rental expert Hunter Harrelson. During our discussion we touch on vacation rental trends, the pros and cons of rental ownership, and how bucking established processes let the Harrelson family hold their own against industry…

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Move the Biggest Boulder First

By Jason Will University | July 11, 2019

In Episode 62, Jason and Victoria sat down with F45 fitness entrepreneur and host of Team Train, Life Change, Andy Vickers. Andy shares his journey from professional water sports athlete, through injury, depression, inspiration, and finally to business and fitness franchise owner who wants to take the Gulf Coast by storm. You can click here…

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Your Past is Perfect

Your Past Is Perfect

By Jason Will University | June 26, 2019

  Accept That Your Past is Perfect  Repeat after me: “My past is perfect!” Our past is perfect. We can’t change it. It brought us to exactly where we are now and that is exactly where we were meant to be.  Focusing on the “what-ifs” of our past is a waste of time and effort.…

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