JPAR Alabama

ATTN my fellow Alabama Real Estate Agents! Are you ready for a new game plan, like

2020 has been a year of challenges: global health crisis, economic recession, social unrest, a political leadership crisis on both sides of the isle, natural disasters fueled by rapidly changing climate conditions. These challenges have many agents across our great state scrutinizing broker centric compensation models. Yet, many think they need to stay put and feed into the bloated budgets of their current brokerage our of fear that JPAR Coast and County‘s model just isn’t sustainable in down times.

Meanwhile, profit focused agents in 20 states and counting are flocking to #JPARnation, because they realize that it’s their personal financial security that’s paramount. Many of whom are gaining a second or third income to their family economies in the process, to the tune of $50,000 plus.

Where the agents go, sustainability follows. Stop overthinking it. We have the tools to help you earn more + the model to allow you to keep more. This is not a lateral move for the motivated. This is a move toward financial security!

Security that we all will need to weather present and future storms, to include recessions, health care, and retirement. This is a move from salesperson to business owner, from brokerage brand enthusiast to personal brand builder.

Let’s talk. Curiosity will cost you nothing and I have never not kept a private consult confidential. My door is always open for a call or text: 251.583.9728.

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