In episode 59, I welcomed my talented and beautiful wife, Diana, back into the studio. She shared what she has been up to with Movement Mortgage and what sets her company apart from the rest of the mortgage industry. We also discussed the importance of listening, learning based mindsets, and creating activation content. 

Here are the five things I want you to take away from this talk:

There’s More Than Conventional Mortgages Out There 

Just because your grandfather did mortgage that way doesn’t mean you should. There are dozens of companies turning that wait-and-see model on its head, and Movement Mortgage is one of my favorites. It’s a great company with a solid foundation, an excellent set of morals, and my wife’s current employer. They not only offer a no-money-down conventional product but do a lot of good in their community and get your clients from prospect to approved in just two weeks. In short, they’re shaking things up.

That willingness to innovate is what allows Movement Mortgage to grow at such a breakneck speed.  You need to do a few things differently from everybody else and stay on the lookout for products and services that better serve your client’s needs.

Learning Needs to Be a Priority

By the time our next conference rolls around, I want you to have fully embraced a learning-based mindset. It saved my career and has helped plenty of others, just listen to Deborah Mann’s story if you need proof. Unfortunately, a lot of realtors don’t focus on self-improvement until their business is in shambles. Instead, they try to supplement their income with landscaping or bartending. And, by the time they pick their head back up, their real estate ambitions are a distant memory. 

Make it your goal to learn something new every day.

Focus on Service

You probably spend a lot of time searching for the next big thing in real estate. But this can sometimes cause you to lose focus on what’s important: your current customers. They’re the bird in the hand, so to speak. If your business is going to succeed, you need to learn when to stop selling and start serving. Ask your clients what they want, figure out what’s important to them, and actually LISTEN to what they have to say.

When you’re focusing on service, you also need to change the way you sell. Make it less about you and more about what you and your listing can do for your customer. Stop making promises you can’t keep and be more transparent in your work. In other words, let the proof do the talking.

Activation Content Isn’t Optional Anymore

If proof is the ammunition, activation content is the trigger. To get your listings moving, you need to use it to your advantage. Eighty-four percent of people want to buy a house, but only a small fraction of them do something about it. You need to analyze your market and figure out what’s holding them back. Then, create content to deal with those problems. 

Is a 20-percent down payment too much? Recommend companies like Movement Mortgage. Do they think their credit is too low? Link them to credit building workshops. Instead of paying thousands to pull in existing leads, use activation content to make your own.

Don’t Focus on the Money

You all know my slogan: “Your income is a direct reflection of the impact that you’re having in your local market.” But it’s up to you to decide whether that impact will last a day or a decade. If you focus solely on padding your wallet, your influence in the community will fade the second your billboard gets taken down. And, you’ll waste a lot of time you could be spending doing what makes you happy. Money might get you leverage, but it won’t make you happy. 

So, instead of focusing on a profit goal, ask yourself what you want from life.  Is it more time with your kids? A chance to donate to animal shelters? Whatever it is, structure your business to support it. 

Date night or not, this episode is full of fantastic information. If you want to know how IMPACT AGENT went, or hear more about Diana’s work at Movement Mortgage, you can listen to the full episode here.

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