This profession we have chosen is brutal. It takes a tremendous amount of grit and determination to do what we do.

We need to remember to celebrate ourselves for being badasses, but we also need to celebrate who we serve, how we serve them, and for whom such a high level of service is provided.

Next we need to be aware that when our mindset is weak, it’s often because we are focused on ourselves and not on the countless people in the world who need us.

The good news is, we can easily hack our brain and regain power over our mindset with the exercise I am about to lay out for you. After all, we can either allow our negative thoughts and emotions to brainwash us or we can brainwash ourselves with positive self-talk.

This exercise is called the Business Affirmation Plan.

Once you complete it, you should keep it with you at all times. Preferably, saved in the notes on your phone, so that you can access it quickly anytime you start to slide into the dark space inside your mind.

The architecture of the Business Affirmation Plan:

1. Identify the single greatest outcome that you provide for your clients.
2. Identify Financial Benefit from the service you provide.
3. Identify 2 perfect traits of your ideal client.
4. Identify the biggest external struggle of your clients.
5. What is the cost to the client when their external struggles is not resolved?
6. What is the deep reason why you’re a real estate agent?

Here’s my Coaching Business Affirmation Plan

I am a successful real estate business coach.

It’s very rewarding to be able to earn a living by helping real estate agents build fulfilling businesses through the power of our impactful community of abundant collaborators, each of whom share the same mission. That mission is to build a life by their own design.

With my guidance, support, and accountability, my humble . yet hungry coaching clients are able to relish the peace of mind that financial security brings.

Yet, without me they will struggle to realize their full potential. The consequences of which are dire. The will live in a perpetual state of insecurity, fearful that economic winter is always looming, and that they will eventually be forced back into the 9 to 5 world, a world where their business is not their own.

I will not let that happen! My mission as a coach is their financial freedom. I truly believe that I exist to help my clients take ownership of entrepreneurial goals, to give them the confidence to burn the bridge and never look back, only forward.

My agents need me and for that reason I will not fail them! It’s not about me, it’s about the fact that I have been given a gift, and it’s my responsibility to put it to good use toward the betterment of others.

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