Jason Will

"None of us would be where we are today without the help of the countless agents, brokers, managers and coaches that took the time to train us, mentor and motivate us. I can think back to key influencers in my career that kept me from quitting just before monumental breakthroughs or who cared enough to call me out for not being a learning based agent. It is in honor of our mentors, that we commit to pay it forward."

-Jason Will


For the first few years of my career, I was lost. I was in constant reaction mode but more than that, I was constantly stressed out about where my next paycheck was coming from. I would wake up and wonder, as I'm sure many of you do, "What can I do today to make money?" Literally, the only tool in my toolbox at the time, was open houses. Some weekends, I pulled double duty, hosting morning and afternoon open houses. It was just enough to keep me afloat in the business but it also meant that Monday - Friday was a hot mess of unproductivity.

It wasn't until 2008, as the world was on the verge of financial collapse, that I got the tough love I need to transform my business and ultimately my life. I called to let my team leader, Rachel, know that I would be leaving real estate for a "real job", and I called because I was rarely in the office to have a conversation with her in person, unless I was picking up a check. She asked me to come in and meet with her before I made any firm decisions. I reluctantly agreed.

At our meeting I explained that the pressures of providing for my growing family and the toll of the economy on the real estate industry we forcing me to back into the 9 to 5 world. She calmly pulled out her laptop and began to run a search of the top 200 agents in our MLS. To my surprise the top 200 were still producing, despite the Great Recession. Rachel asked me, "What are these 200 agents doing that you’re not?" I believe my reply was something to the effect of, "I wish I knew!"

She then proceeded to explain to me with care that real estate agents that thrive in both up and down markets, are "Learning Based Agents." A learning based agent, Rachel described, was an agent that had a consistent presence in the office. They attended office meetings and trainings regularly. They read books, watched webinars and YouTube videos produced by industry leaders. In short, they were sponges for knowledge. I had to humble myself that day and realize that day. I had to make peace with the fact that I was not a learning based agent, which meant that I was not conducting myself like a professional. It stung a bit but it was exactly what I needed to hear.

My journey as a learning based agent began on that fateful day and continues today. I'm the consummate student, who evolved into the role of teacher and coach. I built a learning based platform called Jason Will University to support my agents and help them become the best agents they can be. JWU was born out of my love for the real estate industry, an industry that abundantly shares knowledge. I am merely following in the footsteps of my mentors and virtual mentors that trained me on those webinars, as well as those whose words spoke life into my business from the pages of their bestseller.

I want my team to view JWU as a place where we set aside competition for collaboration. Collaboration opens our world up to limitless possibilities; it's how we not only succeed but how we scale. This is a place where we come to give back, where we come to educate and inspire. Welcome to our community of Agents, a community of agents that support each other through education, collaboration, implementation, and accountability.

JPAR Coast & County agents get the benefits of the JWU classes along with the numerous benefits of being a JPAR agent.