Burt Young

We are excited to announce that Burt Youngblood will soon be transitioning into the Qualifying Broker position for our JPAR Coast & County West Mobile location!

Burt brings 20 years of Mobile County real estate experience to this role. He is patient, kind, and a devout Christian. In fact, ministry is actually Burt’s true calling.

It also might surprise some folks to learn that Burt loves to sing! He discovered his love for singing while being a member of his high school choir. Since 1973, he’s been a Minister of Music for various local Baptist churches, & for the past 20 years, he has been serving as the part-time Minister of Music at First Baptist Church of Dawes.

“He’s a true servant-hearted leader, which makes him such an ideal candidate for this role. I look forward to watching our agents grow in their professionalism under his mentorship,” Jason Will said. Will owns Jason Will Real Estate, a member of JPAR Coast & County.

JPAR Coast & County is the fastest-growing 100% commission brokerage in the country, as well as a Top 10 Hottest Business Franchise. JPAR Coast & County invests in its agents with mentorship opportunities, agent benefits and more!

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