JPAR Coast and County Commission Structure
The path to success is and always will be math in the real estate industry.

It’s a numbers game, from pipelines to profitability.

A move to JPAR Coast and County is not a lateral move.


The pay raise is not just thousands but in most cases it’s tens of thousands.
Imagine a $50,000 pay raise with tools and tech to double your sales volume.


A lot of agents are hunkered down in models that don’t serve them.


What I am asking you to do is to open your mind.


Open your mind to an opportunity that allows you to double down on your profitability.


Working for the most recognizable big name brand brokerage in your marketplace does not feed your family, your execution of dollar productive activities does!


Besides, social media has brought the agent brand to the forefront. Real estate is transacted on a hyper-local level.


Our consumers seek a face they can trust, not a trusted brand.
Our consumers seek human experience, not a brand experience.
Our consumers seek consumer loyalty, not brand loyalty.


Where your business goes, they will follow.


You are THE BRAND!


If you work for a brand, your a salesperson.
If you work for YOUR BRAND, you’re a Business Owner.


JPAR’s sole purpose is to provide agents with the systems, tools, and tech to be Business Owners, and provide the compensation model for it’s CEO’s to get paid like Business Owners.


My competitors love to say, “It’s not all about the money!”


It always makes me smile, because the purpose of a business is to make a profit and…


Profit is Provision.
Profit is Primal.


Profit feeds the family.
Profit is buying over renting
Profit builds your investment portfolio.
Profit pays off your student loan debt.
Profit sends your kids to private school.
Profit provides for your philanthropic foundations.


For me profit means going to the grocery store to get what I want, not what I can afford.


It means treating my wife to expensive date nights.


It means scheduling lots of family vacations and…


Kid free weekend getaways to the The Grand Hotel Golf Resort & Spa, Autograph Collection on whim.
It means never having to tell my kids, “We can’t afford it.”


It means indulging a growth mindset.


Let’s schedule a confidential review of YTD financial statement today. Call or text me direct on my cell at 251-583-9728.

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