Andrew Carver JPAR Coast and County

Why JPAR, Why Now?

Andrew Carver is a 10+ year veteran real estate agent and top producer in Baldwin County, Alabama. He generates the bulk of his business from referral sources, like his monthly news letter. He’s not looking to build an online lead generation and conversion business. He’s an exceptional asset to our office culture. He teaches and mentors, yet that’s not why he came to JPAR Coast & County. He came for the profitability of our model.

You see, in this stage of his career, it’s all about Earn MORE, Keep MORE! I firmly believe that a statewide movement began when we brought JPAR Real Estate to small town Fairhope on November 1st, 2019. It was a defining moment, not only for Andrew but for every agent who operates as a business owner, not a salesperson. If “Business Owner” best describes your mindset, then I believe it’s time for you to be compensated like one.

The agent centric nature of the JPAR Model is so robust, that it no longer makes sense for the vast majority of Mega Agents to remain in a traditional model that they’ve outgrown, nor is it more beneficial financially for them to assume the liability and overhead of opening their own firms. JPAR believes strongly in the absolute fact that the Agent Brand trumps the Brokerage Brand in today’s influencer driven economy. For this reason, it’s my belief that JPAR is and will be the premier destination brokerage for up and coming real estate agents, as well as season veterans across the nation.

For Andrew Carver, the path that lead to JPAR on January 1st of 2020 was math. If his production remained the same in 2020, as it did in 2019, the move would give him an annual raise of nearly $60,000. I don’t care who you are or what stage of life you’re in, that’s life changing money.

In addition to sharing his JPAR Story, Andrew also graciously takes on his journey from rock bottom alcoholic to a life driven by purpose, not entertainment.  I hope you will take time to listen to both interviews, as they’re both extremely impactful.

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