Kendall Wahlert Realtor

Congratulations Kendall Wahlert!

You and I have a history of trials and triumphs. Yet, regardless of the circumstances of the day, you’ve remained steadfast in mine and Diana Munoz Will’s corner.Kendall joined the Jason Will Real Estate Team just before Diana and I moved to Panama. She didn’t flench. After our broker used that move to force us out, she came with us and became one of the founding members of JWRE.

She lead my team to record setting sales production and left Blake Ray with some VERY big shoes to fill. When we decided to partner with JPAR Real Estate, Kendall challenged the decision out of loyalty for what she helped build at JWRE. Yet, she never left our corner. Kendall has become one of top agents at JPAR Coast and County and in all of Baldwin County, despite the fact that she moved here with no Sphere of Influence.

It is with great pride that I now officially name Kendall Wahlert as Qualifying Broker and Managing Partner of JPAR – Fairhope. Now it’s my turn to stand dutifully in her corner and support her as she builds the most successful real estate brokerage on the Eastern Shore.

Kendall, you are by far the greatest steward of our culture. I will be forever grateful to you for accepting this position and for your commitment to the role.


JPAR Coast and County is stupid blessed with the most amazing leadership team in the state!

  • JPAR Coast and County – Fairhope: Kendall Wahlert
  • JPAR Coast & County – Mobile: Adrienne Gill, Owen Gill, Burt Youngblood,
  • JPAR Coast & County – Gulf Shores: Alison Warren Foote, Greg Foote,
  • Jason Will Real Estate Team/Jason Will University: Blake Ray
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