(Impact Agent Podcast Interview, Part 1)

If You Aren’t Learning, You’re Losing: The Importance of Continual Learning in Real Estate

Type-A to the max, this former lawyer isn’t just a kickass realtor—she’s an awesome person as well. Which is why I was surprised to hear that she’d almost been a real estate flunky. Luckily for her, and her autistic son, she decided to take a good long look at the rock stars around her. And this led her to adopt the learning-based approach to personal and professional growth I harp on about often.

Like many things, her success started with a single question: “What do successful agents do to get business?”

Though the answers varied, Deborah soon realized that the people who signed up for agency-sponsored classes were the ones making money. Those who balked at the $500 or $1000 price tags were often the ones left behind. So, she decided: “You know what. I want to be like this group over here, and they’re all going to this class. I’m going to this class.” Though it left her bank account empty, Deborah signed up for the next course her company offered. In the end, it changed her life.

If you’re eating ramen for dinner, however, scrounging up $1000 for a class might be impossible. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up on a learning-based approach. There are dozens of online educational outlets, like YouTube, that offer free education and virtual mentorship. There are also plenty of great real estate agents looking to pay it forward. Unfortunately, a lot of this information can take a while to digest. And, unless you put it to use it will soon fade. We must always keep in mind that knowledge is only implied power in the absence of implementation.

That’s why attending conferences, like Impact Agent, are so important. These events give you a chance to focus on learning and not what house or client is coming down the pipeline. It’s kind of like hitting fast forward on your personal development. During our conversation, Deborah had this to say about Impact Agent: “And every time I’ve gone to an event like this, I’ve always taken my business to another level. And I fully expect that that’s what’s happening now. I don’t even think the same way, I thought six months ago.”

If you’re content stagnating, toss out that seminar flyer your boss dropped on your desk. If you’re like Deborah, and genuinely want to make a change, consider signing up for a real estate event in your area. And, if you can’t afford that, follow real estate greats YouTube and Facebook. Join one or many of the multitude of Facebook Groups where valuable information, as well as referrals are passed on a consistent basis.

Ignorance might be bliss, but it’s rarely profitable.

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