Clients Aren’t Moths! Stop Waiting for Them to Come to You.

A lot of new real estate agents flunk out for one reason: their marketing strategy consists of sitting and waiting for business to come to them. They don’t market themselves in a such a way that it attracts business They don’t document their hustle. Instead, the vast majority of us prefer to operate like secret agents, because that’s way more comfortable.

This idea often arises from experiences in past workplaces. For example, call centers give their reps call lists, and car salespeople have clients wandering right onto the lot. Episode 58’s guest, Deborah Mann, lived under a similar illusion: “I had this idea that I was going to go in and sit down at a desk and people were going to call me and say, “Come lease my house.” Her foundation of her Impact Agent Podcast interview was exploring the effect inactivity had on her blossoming career and how she finally broke that ‘wait and see’ mentality.

Deborah, a former lawyer with the Type-A personality to match, almost became one of the 87 percent of real estate agents who return to the 9 to 5 within the first five years in the industry. She credits her early failures to her passive approach to real estate sales. To make it a sustainable career, she had to get out there and talk to people. She had to set herself apart from the competition and hold herself she had to own both her successes and failures.

Deborah’s story gives me a fantastic opportunity to tell you that there’s no magic pill that will guarantee you longevity in this business. Sure, there are all sorts of conferences out there (like Impact Agent), but none of them are going to get you out of making phone calls. After all, a real estate agent’s job is to engage their friends, family, ultimately their past clients in meaningful conversations. No matter how you try to re-rig the fundamental principles of our industry, you’ll never be able to reinvent the wheel. So, temper your expectations and throw those thoughts of instant gratification out the window. Real estate is a contact sport and there’s no such thing as an easy way to the top.

Instead, you should take some time today and reflect on and then implement Deborah’s advice below:

1. Set a Conversation Goal: Figure out how many people you need to contact in a given week. Don’t leave the office on Friday until you meet or exceed that number. Start by determining how much money you need to make and work backward from there.

2. Find Your Differentiator: You need to figure out what sets you apart from all the other real estate agents out there. Deborah, for example, is the agent that will stay up all night contemplating creative ways to solve her clients problems.

No excuses. No BS. In the immortal words of Shia Lebeouf: “Just do it!”

Remember, anything worth having is worth working for.

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