It’s Time to Make the Jump to Full-Time Agent

In this episode, Jason Will sits down with Orange Beach, AL RE/MAX Real Estate Agent Dusty Cole. Dusty candidly shares his very uncommon transition from part-time agent to full-time agent. Jason and Dusty also take some time to discuss the character traits that allowed him to make that leap. Finally, Dusty shares his thoughts on forging your own path and knowing your “Why.”

5 Things You Need to Make the Transition from Part-Time to Full-Time Agent

That part-time bartending job usually spells the end of your real-estate career. But, today’s guest, Dusty Cole, proves there are exceptions to that rule. While working full-time at his family’s business, Dusty took an interest in real estate. Originally, he just wanted to flip houses, save money on commission, and get access to homes before they went on the market. Once he got started, however, he realized this passing interest was a passion. And, after a while of balancing both jobs, he decided to spread his wings, get out of the family business and forge his own path in real-estate.

He’s not the first to try it, but he’s one of the few who got it right. When asked what made that transition possible, Dusty credited his:

1. Excellent communication skills: You need to be able to make your clients feel comfortable around you and truly listen to what your clients have to say. When emotions get high, you must be able to calm your clients and soothe any ruffled feathers. If you can’t hold a conversation and emphasize with people, real estate may not be the career for you.

2.  Work Ethic: A lot of people go into real estate for freedom. They figure it’s a career where you can work a couple of hours a week, sell a couple of houses, and spend the rest of the week sipping martinis. But, as any real agent will tell you, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. As someone who balanced two full-time jobs for a while, Dusty isn’t afraid of putting his work ethic to good use.  You shouldn’t be either.

3. Discipline: Dusty is a big believer in consistency. Whether that means showing up and prospecting two hours a day, or posting on Facebook every week, you need to set a schedule and stick to it. Otherwise, you’re going to find yourself stuck in an eternal feast and famine cycle. If you keep at this schedule long enough, it’ll become a habit. 

5. Commitment to go “all in”: In the beginning, Dusty tried to work two full-time jobs. He thought he could do it forever. This all changed when a broker chastised him for constantly flip-flopping between the two. In the end, Dusty realized he wasn’t being fair to his family’s business or his own. Once he committed fully to real estate, his business took off like a rocket.

A Quick Note on Finding Your “Why”

It’s hard to incorporate these things when you aren’t motivated.

For those of you who don’t know, a “why” is the thing in life that drives you to get up every day and do your best. For some realtors, it’s about creating a legacy that you’re proud of. Others are motivated by materialistic things. When we meet others with a more simple “why” we tend to feel guilty about our own. I just want to assure you– if it’s not immoral or unethical–it’s okay. One of the greatest gifts that I got was somebody permitting me to be selfish with my “Why.” – Jason Will

Want to Hear More from Dusty Cole?

Are you all in or half-in? For those of you who genuinely want to succeed, it’s time to face your anxiety head on and go for it. To learn more about Dusty’s journey from family businessman to successful agent, click here to listen to Episode 60.

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