Accept That Your Past is Perfect and Other Advice from JWRE’s New CEO

In episode 61, Jason talked with JWRE’s new president and CEO of Jeremy Sullivan. During our talk, he talks about his career change, a deep family secret that has recently come to light, and how the power of forgiveness, positivity, and owning his past taught him some of life’s most important lessons. Jason also discovers the origin of Jeremy’s mantra and his 3 ”Ps” for living.

“Your Past Is Perfect”

I’ve heard Jeremy say it a dozen times, but I kind of figured “past is perfect” was something he’d gotten out of a fortune cookie After speaking with him, I realized how wrong that was. When asked to define his catchphrase, Jeremy said, “Our past is perfect. We can’t change it. It brought us to exactly where we are now.” 

Focusing on the “what-ifs” of our past is a waste of time and effort. It’s not like we can do anything to change the past. So, we must focus on the positive aspects of our lives and move forward. This is especially true when a client fires you or a big deal falls through. Instead of fixating on what you could have done better, look at the lessons this failure taught you. In real estate, mindset is everything.

An test and an unearthed family secret really put Jeremy’s “past is perfect” mantra to the test. After living his whole life thinking his dad and his biological father were the same, Jeremy found out the truth. His real father’s name was Ron, and he wasn’t the man he’d just buried. Instead of being angry at his mother for hiding his paternity from him, Jeremy took it all in stride. Though this revelation shook him, it also gave him a chance to reflect on what family means. You can hear more about his paternity revelation and how it affected him by listening to Episode 61.

The 3 ”Ps” and Then Some

His ability to rise above his past is one reason Jeremy is so successful. But it’s not the only one. Though Jeremy works hard to keep the spirit of JWRE alive, he also brings his own unique flavor to the company. His formula for success boils down to three things:

  • Positivity Is How You Live”: Negativity isn’t good for you. Studies have shown that repeatedly. But, did you know pessimism can hurt your real estate career? If you spend your time obsessing over how ugly a home’s backyard is, for instance, you might neglect to mention its dynamite location and killer views. If positivity isn’t easy for you, consider signing up for something like Discovery Leadership.
  • “Professionalism Is How You Work”: Treat everyone with respect and take your job seriously. Get to meetings on time. Leave the PJs out of the office.  Act like you’d want your own real estate agent to act. The more professional you are, the more money you’ll make.
  • “Profit Is Important to You”:  Never forget that you’re in the business of making money. It’s important not to confuse professionalism and positivity with being a pushover. Without profit, you can’t make an impact on anybody.

Want to Learn More About JWRE’s New CEO?

Though we need to work on the name, his 3 “Ps” are something you’ll want to pay attention to. To hear more from Jeremy, his journey, and his business philosophies you’ll have to listen to Episode 61 in its entirety.

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