Your Past is Perfect


Accept That Your Past is Perfect 

Repeat after me: “My past is perfect!”

Our past is perfect. We can’t change it. It brought us to exactly where we are now and that is exactly where we were meant to be. 

Focusing on the “what-ifs” of our past is a waste of time and effort. It’s not like we can do anything to change the past. So, we must focus on the positive aspects of our lives and move forward. This is especially true when a client fires you or a big deal falls through. Instead of fixating on what you could have done better, look at the lessons this failure taught you. In real estate, mindset is everything.

The 3 P’s of Progress 

Your ability to rise above your past is what will ultimately define you, not the past itself. You see, it’s our future is not built on singular moments in time. It’s built on how we respond those defining moments. Here’s 3 P’s to keep you off the road to perfection and on the road to progress:

  • Positivity is Your Way of Life: Negativity isn’t good for you. Studies have shown that repeatedly. But, did you know pessimism can hurt your real estate career? If you spend your time obsessing over how ugly a home’s backyard is, for instance, you might neglect to mention its dynamite location and killer views. If positivity isn’t easy for you, consider signing up for something like Discover Leadership Training.
  • Professionalism is Your Brand : Treat everyone with respect and take your job seriously. Get to meetings on time. Leave the PJs out of the office.  Act like you’d want your own real estate agent to act. The more professional you are, the more money you’ll make.
  • Profit Funds Your Purpose:  Never forget that you’re in the business of making money. That’s the purpose of a business but what is the purpose for that profit. Consider this, that money is good for the good it can do. Without profit, you can’t make an impact.


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