You know WHY you need to do video! You’ve heard the testimonials from agents across the country. A single property video tour, if shot the right way and positioned property on your social channels, has generated as many as 50 leads for my team to scrub.

So, you like the results but you’re stuck on what comes next. That’s why today’s email focuses on both the HOW and the WHAT.

How Do You Get Started?

All too often we feel like we have to hire a pro or to have some epic idea to start, when all we really have to do is start. What would have happened if you had waited to master your listing or buyer presentation? You’d have likely ended up in the 13% of agents that don’t make it.

The beauty of video is that evolving is just a matter of starting and consistently moving forward from there. To start, just pick up your phone and document what you’re doing right now. There’s no need for scripting or a groundbreaking idea. Just a need for you to push past your shyness and start taking your past, presnet, and future consumers behind the curtain of your business. Show them your worth. Show them all the work behind the work.

What Your Videos Need to Do

1. Position You at the Guide: Your customers aren’t looking for a hero, they’re looking for someone to lead them through the real estate process. They want to find an agent who can help them make money, save money and/or solve a problem.

2. Convey Empathy: Let your audience know that you care about them and understand what they’re going through. This will help you build rapport with them.

3. Broadcast Your Authority: Authority is not about arrogance, it’s competence. Any video content you do has to convince your audience that you know what you’re doing. Thta said, you can’t soley toot your own horn. Get testimonials—video and text—from your new raving fans. Also, discuss statistics about how much money you’ve helped people to save and earn.

4. Let the World Know You Have a Plan: Open your playbook and give your customers a view inside the mechanics of your plan to get the job done. This will make it easier for them to trust you. Your expertise displayed via video gives future clients hope that the job will get done and get done smoothly.

Let’s Talk Strategy

I’m a huge fan of the EDDIE Formula when it comes to a long-term video content strategy. This acronym is your video content guide. It breaks down content into these valuable categories:

· Educate
· Demonstrate
· Document
· Inspire
· Entertain

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