Matt Johnson Podcast

Matt Johnson Podcast

If we listened to the experts, we’d spend our waking hours bouncing between 17 different social media platforms. We’d think that we had to be absolutely everywhere to be successful. But we should focus on finding one platform and doing that one platform well.

In this episode of the IMPACT Agent Podcast, Matt Johnson of Real Estate Uncensored walks us through the Top 6 Facebook Live Videos real estate agents can create to stand out as THE professional in their marketplace:

  • Market Updates: Share a few statistics about your market area. The people most interested in area stats and market changes are those in or just outside of the buying and selling phase. For that reason, you shouldn’t go into this expecting a big audience. Instead, you need to focus on reaching out and finding out how you can help your audience reach their goals. Try to avoid using this content type more than once a month.
  • Buyer and Seller Questions: Find a question that a client recently asked you and strip it of any personal information. Then, broadcast yourself answering it on Facebook live. This shouldn’t take more than two to three minutes of your time. If you’re feeling ambitious, go ahead and upload the resulting video on YouTube. The more of these you do, the better.
  • Community Events: Go cuddle a shelter puppy or help at the local soup kitchen. These things not only give you major karma points but help endear you to the people in your community. It also makes them more likely to call you when they’re in the market for a realtor.
  • Motivational Content: No, I’m not talking about those stupid cat posters. I’m talking about the kind of stuff that Tony Robbins puts out. Talk about your success and how you’re tackling a bad habit. If you can get some vulnerability in there, go for it. As Matt Johnson said, “People eat that stuff up.”
  • Show Yourself at Work: Do everything you can to document your hustle. This can include filming set up at an open house or broadcasting a few minutes of your power dialing. Broadcasting these videos assures your clients that you’re doing everything you can to sell their home. If you can’t stop them from thinking you’re overpaid, they’ll go with someone else.
  • Interview Influencers: This one is Matt’s favorite and a big part of how he’s grown his business. Just find a few influential people in your area and give them their fifteen minutes of fame. If they’re people who can make referrals, like probate lawyers, even better. If you’re not sure where to start, reach out to your city’s Facebook page or the owner of your favorite restaurant.

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